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Category: Culture

Gulab Jaman

Sharaqpur’s irresistible Gulab-Jaman challenge!

How many fresh Gulab Jamans from kujja you think you can eat??? My score is 50 When you see the mouthwatering gulab jamans from Sharaqpur Shareef in a ‘mitti ka kuja’ you can’t simply resist.…

Now accompany your Wedding card with Mardan’s special Barfi & Badayuni Pairay

While going to Multan you must stop at Mardan which is on the way and must get your Barfi, its so fresh, mouth-watering,  and tasty you can’t stop your self. But buy only from the…

Have you seen the living dancing with the Dead!!! Kalash the mesmerizing city of different cultures.

Have you seen the living dance with the DEAD…? Have you seen the Open Graveyard in Pakistan…? Kalash the City beyond your Imagination!!!! It was like my dream come true. I always heard about the…

I bet You can’t visit Lahore in one day, one-day challenge for everyone out there.

Lahore the walled city has a history of 2-4k years back. It has so many tourism attractions with a blend of cultural and modernised architacts. A very popular saying about Lahore city is “Jinnay lahore…

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