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Category: Food

Gulab Jaman

Sharaqpur’s irresistible Gulab-Jaman challenge!

How many fresh Gulab Jamans from kujja you think you can eat??? My score is 50 When you see the mouthwatering gulab jamans from Sharaqpur Shareef in a ‘mitti ka kuja’ you can’t simply resist.…

Now accompany your Wedding card with Mardan’s special Barfi & Badayuni Pairay

While going to Multan you must stop at Mardan which is on the way and must get your Barfi, its so fresh, mouth-watering,  and tasty you can’t stop your self. But buy only from the…

I bet You can’t visit Lahore in one day, one-day challenge for everyone out there.

Lahore the walled city has a history of 2-4k years back. It has so many tourism attractions with a blend of cultural and modernised architacts. A very popular saying about Lahore city is “Jinnay lahore…

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